We would like to extend the warmest thanks and congratulations to our

new friendsfor the purchase of Belgian Drafthorses!


Priefert Manufacturing, Texas, for the purchase of our wheel team, Radar and Ben, two of the worldest tallest horses!

Mrs. and Mr. T. Awckland, PA - weanling stallion (Doubletail Magic's LordMarshall)

Mrs. and Mr. Margie and Hal Roberts, FL - 2 geldings (TRIGGER and Doubletail Laddie Gwynne, a.k.a. STING)

Calvin E. Miller, IN - yearling stallion (Doubletail Kohinoor Supreme)

Priefert Manufacturing, TX - 2 hitch geldings

Mr. Faron Miller, IN - yearling stallion (Doubletail Burr Van Nostrand)

Mr. Jeff Dancy, NC - yearling mare, yearling stallion (Doubletail Claire De Lune, Doubletail Vision of Apollo)

Mrs and Mr. Dianne and Wayne Kirk,  OH - 2 year old mare (Doubletail Gwynneth Farceur)

Mr. Jim Kessinger, OH - 2 Hitch Geldings (6, 5 years old)

Mr. and Mrs. John and Barbara Reeder, SC - 3 Hitch Geldings (13, 9, 4 years old)

Mrs. and Mr.Marianne and Dwayne Smith, TN - 2-year old mare (Doubletail Bohemian Rhapsody)

Mr. Melvin Byler, OH - 2-year old mare

Mr. Jimmy Honea, GA - 3 hitch geldings (5,5,6 year old)

Mr. Eli J.C.Yoder, OH - 6-year old mare

Mr. Erin Lundy, NY - 2 Geldings (7 year old)

Mr. Leroy Hayes, NC - 4-year old mare

Mrs. and Mr. Karen and Scott Graham, NC - 2-year old gelding

Mr. Jerry Connell, NC - 6-year old gelding

Sr. Eduardo Gallejas, FL/Nicaragua - 4 mares (5,3,2,2 year old), 2 stallions (yearlings)

Mr. Tony Tunison, FL - 3 and 8-year old geldings

Mr. Bridger Madlen, NC - 12-year old gelding

Mrs. and Mr. Carol and Coleman Teague, NC - 3-year old mare

Mr. Tom Cope, NC - A team of geldings (4 and 1-year old)

Mrs. Pam Shaef , SC - 4-year old gelding, 5-year old mare

Mr. Noah Yoder, OH - 3-year old stallion

Mr. Levi Yoder, OH - A team of mares (5 and 3-year old)

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The Farrier and Hoofcare Resource Center